Dentists Use Custom Velcro Patches

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Flex System, a premier US manufacturer of custom velcro patches, uses velcro as a backing on their patches. This type of backing is very flexible and is well suited for clothing that must be often adjusted such as the case with police, fireman, or military personnel.

Velcro backed patches can easily be removed and reapplied for laundering or replacement. The durability of the patch is increased because it can be removed before washing the garment thus extending the life of the patch. The ease of usage makes this type of backing popular for so many applications.

Dentists, doctors, and hospital staff use custom velcro patches to identify their employees. Sports teams and businesses throughout the United States use custom patches for identification and advertising. Flex Systems creates unique and custom designs to meet the needs of all their customers. They have designers on staff to assist their clients in creating the perfect patch. Visit FlexSystems to see the many custom velcro patches and other promotional products including labels, keychains, and more. If you have a unique idea, these designers can make your idea a reality. You will find these products extremely affordable.