Serrapeptase: A Beneficial Natural Supplement

Serrapeptase is a natural proteolytic enzyme derived from the gut of silkworms. It is responsible for the transformation of the silkworm into a moth. The cocoon of the silkworm must dissolve when it is time for the moth to emerge. This enzyme enables the moth to escape by eating away the cocoon when it is time for the moth to emerge.

For humans, Serrapeptase has health benefits that have proven beneficial for some health problems including inflammation, arterial plaque, corporal tunnel, and sinus problems. Serrapeptase works by dissolving problematic non-living protein and tissue while leaving living tissue unaffected.

Because it is a natural product, it is an inexpensive supplement and relatively easy to locate. You can find Serrapeptase for sale in most health stores. Fortunately, it has no documented side effects or specific interactions with other medications. However, since everyone is different, it is important to discuss the use of Serrapeptase with your health care provider.

Millions of individuals in the United States depend on anti-inflammatory medications for pain relief every day. Doctors in Europe and Asia have been prescribing Serrapeptase for treating pain for the last 25 years. This natural enzyme works to heal inflammation and block pain. Unlike NSAIDs, Serrapeptase does not cause ulcers or stomach bleeding.For more information to learn the benefits of Serrapeptase, visit